research lab

YerevaNN is a non-profit computer science and mathematics research lab based in Yerevan, Armenia.
Read our guide to deep learning. Last updated: December, 2016

Research topics

The main topics of our research include:
  • Time series prediction on medical data
    • A set of benchmarks on MIMIC-III dataset [preprint] [code]
    • LSTM-based models for the benchmarks [models coming soon]
    • This is a collaboration with USC ISI. Partially funded by ISTC.
  • Natural language processing with deep learning
    • Reproducing DIIN network for NLI [report] [code]
    • Reproducing R-NET network for QA [blogpost] [code]
    • Developing new dependency parsers and AMR parsers
    • This is a collaboration with USC ISI
  • Development of Armenian treebanks
    • Eastern Armenian treebank is becoming a part of Universal Dependencies [website] [code]
    • This is a collaboration with Marat Yavrumyan and Anna Danielyan from Yerevan State University. Partially funded by ANSEF.
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Hrant Khachatrian / Github
Hrayr Harutyunyan / Github
Karen Hambardzumyan / Github
Tigran Galstyan / Github
Gor Arakelyan / Github
Martin Mirakyan / Github

The handwritten digits in the background are generated by deep convolutional generative adversarial networks [paper] [code]