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How To Donate

Our Mission

Established in 2016, YerevaNN Scientific-Educational Foundation (YerevaNN), a non-profit computer science research center, has been committed to enabling world-class research in Machine Learning (ML) in Armenia.

The mission of YerevaNN is to stimulate scientific careers in computer science and to facilitate the growth of the next generation of computer science professors in Armenia. YerevaNN succeeds with its mission by building a research-friendly environment for early-career computer scientists and setting up collaborations with the world's leading labs.

A Period of Remarkable Growth: Achievements of the Past Six Years

Over the past years we have established collaborations with leading research institutions all over the world, including USC Information Sciences Institute, Meta AI Research, ENSAE/CREST, ETH Zurich and others. Many students started their academic careers at YerevaNN, learned to perform cutting edge research in machine learning, and published papers in top venues. Most of our alumni got enrolled in top PhD programs or started their own companies (Aimstack, Profound.academy).

YerevaNN’s activities are funded by contracts with our partner research centers, government grants, collaborations with local private non-profits (FAST foundation, CSIE foundation) and by generous support from our donors. Since 2021, we started the MLNext program in partnership with Globally foundation (a US-based non-profit) which helped to fund scholarships and fellowships for ten junior and more experienced researchers. While we are actively secure new sources of funding, such as international competitive research grants, to support our youngest talents we still rely on donations.

The Next Frontier

Currently we consolidate our team to take on groundbreaking projects in two main directions — ML for Chemistry and ML for Vision. This transition leads us to our next ambitious milestone, which is setting up a collaboration within the Armenian ecosystem to build a shared compute infrastructure.

This infrastructure shall be serving as a robust platform to support cutting-edge research and development in AI. By fostering collaboration and providing access to state-of-the-art computational resources, we aim to accelerate innovation and empower researchers and practitioners across Armenia to tackle complex challenges and make significant contributions to the field of AI. To learn more about the AI Institute for Armenia, check out a recent article by EVN Report: An AI Institute for Armenia.

We welcome donations and support from individuals, organizations, and partners who share our vision and are committed to advancing scientific knowledge and technological advancement in Armenia.

How to support us

If you’re in the US, you can donate through the Globally - Global Entrepreneurship Foundation (a US-registered 501(c)3 nonprofit) managing the charity campaign for the MLNext project.

If you work in a company that uses the Benevity platform, you can donate our initiative directly by searching the MLNext project organized by Globally - Global Entrepreneurship Foundation. Here are the links for Google, Netflix, Microsoft and Adobe employees. Many companies double or triple the donations of their employees. Ask your HR manager about the benefits of your employer giving programs, such as Corporate Matching Gifts and Volunteer Grants for Employees.

Zelle. Recipient’s email address is [email protected].

Paypal. Use the link on https://getglobally.org/donate/ page. PayPal takes a transfer fee.

You can send a physical check to the following address: Globally – Global Entrepreneurship Foundation, 2930 Domingo Ave., Ste. 1160, Berkeley, CA 94705

If you’re in Armenia or in any other country, please don’t hesitate to contact YerevaNN at [email protected] for more details.

What you support

$18K / year to enable a strong student to make their first steps in ML research.

$36K / year to enable a PhD student to concentrate fully on academic research.

$61K / year to enable a PhD graduate to relocate to Armenia.

On behalf of the team at the YerevaNN, thank you for your support. Your contributions to YerevaNN are making our vision of doing critical work in computer science and mathematics research in Armenia a reality. If you have any further inquiries about the activities here at YerevaNN, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]